Our Services

In order to ensure the longevity of your investment, our certified service technicians offer the following services on a weekly basis:

- water chemistry testing and balancing
- skimmer and pump baskets emptied as needed
- filter backwashed as needed
- pool cleaner bag and filter cleaned as needed
- pool cleaner operation verification
- pool vacuumed
- pool surface skimmed
- walls, tile, and steps brushed
- pool equipment checked

Our licensed, insured, and certified services technicians regularly attend classes, seminars and trainings to stay up-to-date with the latest pool equipment. Our team is able to effectively and efficiently diagnose and remedy issues with, but not limited to, the following items:

- filters
- pumps
- motors
- timers
- valves
- heaters
- chlorinators
- automatic pool
- cleaners
- automation/control systems
- sanitizing systems
- chlorine generators
- ozone generators
- light systems - skimmers

Our team can also assist if you are in need to replace the following:

- pumps
- filters
- pool cleaners
- equipment sets
- saltwater systems
- heaters

More info coming soon!
More info coming soon!

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Pool Maintenance

Our friendly and experienced office staff is ready and trained to help answer, or get answers, to many of your questions ranging from water chemistry issues to maintenance and service questions.
The inspection that is performed is a visual and operational inspection of the pool and equipment. Average inspections take about an hour, sometimes less, and will come with a complete report including pictures and detailed descriptions and price estimates of any issues that need to be addressed.
If the chemical saturation in your pool is too high, or our service technicians would need to add a substantial amount of chemicals to regulate the water chemistry, the best solution is to drain the pool and start again with fresh water. If there is an abundance of algae growing in your pool, a pool drain and acid wash may be necessary.
It is important that your pool maintains a proper water chemistry to avoid calcium deposits, stains, cloudy or colored water, corrosion of pool surfaces and equipment, and algae growth. Our certified service technicians use the latest technology to properly balance your pool's water chemistry then send the chemical levels to you directly.