Pool Cleaning & Maintenance in Round Rock

Residential Pool Maintenance in Georgetown 

Round Rock Pool Pros provides pool cleaning and maintenance in Round Rock and Georgetown for newly constructed and existing pools. Our pool cleaners have the training needed to provide quality maintenance services. To make sure we stay updated on innovated techniques and materials, we focus on education and our technicians participate in ongoing training to stay up to date and deliver outstanding service to every customer. 

Get in touch with us at (512) 766-7946 or contact us online to schedule pool cleaning and maintenance for your pool. Check out our reviews online to hear from some of our customers, or scroll through our previous work!


Quality Pool Cleaning Every Time - How Can We Help?

At Round Rock Pool Pros, our technicians are trained to provide a higher standard of service for every job they take on. We are proud to work with only the best equipment while using the highest quality materials. Whether you need help with pool cleaning and maintenance, or are looking to build your dream pool, call or email us today and let us turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis!

Save Time & Money with Pool Maintenance 

Keeping your swimming pool sparkling clean requires cleaning and maintenance. Of course, you could do your own maintenance or you could hire a professional for Round Rock pool cleaning and maintenance, so you can enjoy your weekends. Homeowners choose to hire a professional for a number of reasons. 

Hire a professional to handle pool maintenance for: 

  • Saving time – Pool cleaning and maintenance takes time. Homeowners with busy schedules often choose to let a professional handle the cleaning and maintenance, so they can focus on other things. 
  • Expert advice – Trained pool technicians have the knowledge needed to properly care for your pool. Your technician can also provide valuable tips and advice for keeping your pool clean between visits. 
  • Swimming pool longevity – You invested a lot in your swimming pool, so you want it to last as long as possible. Taking care of the pool and pool equipment can help maximize its useful life. 
  • Balanced chemicals – Experienced technicians can test your water and make sure the chemicals are properly balanced to keep your swimming pool clean and safe. 
  • Maintaining value – A swimming pool is a significant investment that can increase your property value. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance can help maintain the value of your pool. 

What Is Included in Pool Maintenance?

Although you are paying for professional cleaning and maintenance, you will save money in the long run. The money you spend on professional maintenance provides a great return on investment with longer-lasting and properly functioning pool equipment. 

Professional pool cleaning and maintenance services include: 

  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Water chemistry balancing 
  • Skimmer and pump basket cleaning 
  • Pool cleaner operation verification 
  • Pool equipment inspection 

Performing routine checks during maintenance can alert you to potential issues with pool equipment before you wake up one morning to a green tint in the water. When a problem is noted during an inspection, your pool technician can advise you of the issue and recommend repair services to ensure that everything is operating safely and efficiently. 

For quality pool cleaning services, call our team at (512) 489-9646 or contact us online today!


Custom Pool Cleaning & Maintenance in Georgetown

The frequency of pool cleaning and maintenance in Round Rock and particular services that are needed vary, depending on the size of the pool, how often it is used, and the specific tasks. Some tasks need to be performed weekly, monthly, or just occasionally. Our technicians can provide cleaning and maintenance services that are tailored to your individual needs. 

Please contact Round Rock Pool Pros at (512) 766-7946 for knowledgeable technicians and outstanding customer service in English and Spanish. 


  • “We love around Rock Pool Pros - they're a family-owned business. We built our pool with them and have had zero issues. Love that they not only build but repair if we ever have issues down the road. They will be on it. We have continued to use their monthly”

    - Annabelle C.

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  • “Wow!! I am so impressed with this team!!! We have been waiting to get a pipe repaired since the winter storm hit and have been getting the run around from the first company we were trying to work with. Out of desperation, I reached out to Round Rock Pools ”

    - Jennifer S.
  • “Always professional and have been fabulous in solving a variety of pool issues. We have been using them for a few years! Highly recommend their service techs and their customer service reps!!!”

    - Robin W.
  • “Round Rock Pool Pro's is absolutely amazing! hands down the best pool service in the Austin/Round Rock area. They are quick to respond, so friendly, pool experts, and have a great portal to pay your bill and track your appointment. Love these folks!”

    - Andrew M.
  • “Luckily, Round Rock Pool Pros saved the day and quickly got our pool back up and running and is now much clearer and cleaner already! Thank you Round Rock Pool Pros and Shaun for such outstanding service!”

    - Matthew B.
  • “We love around Rock Pool Pros - they're a family-owned business. We built our pool with them and have had zero issues. Love that they not only build but repair if we ever have issues down the road. They will be on it. We have continued to use their monthly”

    - Annabelle C.