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At Round Rock Pool Pros, we have a team of certified professionals with extensive knowledge of pool repairs in Round Rock and Georgetown. Our technicians can accurately diagnose any problem with your pool equipment and provide honest advice about how to solve your problem. Our pool repair team can fix or upgrade malfunctioning equipment, so you can enjoy your oasis.

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At Round Rock Pool Pros, our technicians are trained to provide a higher standard of service for every job they take on. We are proud to work with only the best equipment while using the highest quality materials. Whether you need help with pool cleaning and maintenance or you're looking to build your dream pool, call or email us today and let us turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis!

Pool Equipment Repair Services

Keeping your pool water clear requires properly functioning pool equipment. Many different components need to work together to ensure sparkling clean and safe pool water. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance can help you keep everything in good working condition. However, there are times when equipment needs more than routine maintenance. 

Pool equipment repair services include: 

  • Pool & spa filter repair
  • Pool & spa heater repair
  • Pool & spa lighting repair
  • Timers 
  • Valves 
  • Pumps

Solving Pool Equipment Issues

When something goes wrong with your pool equipment, it's important not to put off pool repairs in Round Rock. It doesn’t take long for the water to get dirty and turn green when your pool equipment isn’t working right. Acting quickly makes it easier to fix the equipment and get the pool water back to the right balance. 

Malfunctioning pool equipment can cause problems, such as: 

  • Pool filters – The pool filter plays an important role in keeping your water clean. Pool filters need to be cleaned as part of routine maintenance. However, if the filter needs repair, the water can become dirty very quickly. 
  • Pumps – When the pump isn’t working, the pol water will get dirty and allow algae and bacteria to grow. 
  • Chlorinators – Some common problems with chlorinators include leaks, stuck lids, or the chlorine tablets not dissolving. Chlorinator problems can disrupt the balance of chemicals. 
  • Controls and timers – The timers and controls help keep pool equipment working according to schedule. If the timer is not coming on at the right time, turning on and off constantly, or not working at all, call for pool repair. 
  • Pool lights – Your pool lights make night swimming more pleasant. Call for repairs if the lights aren’t coming on, the fixture is coming out of the wall, or is filled with water. 

Pool equipment should always be repaired by a trained professional for practical and safety reasons. The proximity of water and electricity creates potentially serious safety hazards in the wrong hands. A certified pool technician is trained to safely perform repairs to avoid injury.

Call for Quality Pool Repairs 

At Round Rock Pool Pros, we are licensed installers for all major brands, and our technicians are fully trained and certified to provide Round Rock pool repairs for all types of equipment. We will accurately diagnose the problem with your pool equipment and provide cost-effective solutions for repairs. Our technicians will explain the issue and the possible solutions for repairing or replacing malfunctioning pool equipment. 

If you are having issues with your pool equipment, call (512) 766-7946 or contact us online to schedule your pool repair services. 

  • “Justin & his team are wonderful. I appreciate the excellent customer service they provided. They are always friendly and helpful when at our home and do a wonderful job servicing our pool. I would highly recommend Round Rock Pool Pros to all of my frie”

    - Amy W.

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  • “Wow!! I am so impressed with this team!!! We have been waiting to get a pipe repaired since the winter storm hit and have been getting the run around from the first company we were trying to work with. Out of desperation, I reached out to Round Rock Pools ”

    - Jennifer S.
  • “Always professional and have been fabulous in solving a variety of pool issues. We have been using them for a few years! Highly recommend their service techs and their customer service reps!!!”

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  • “We love around Rock Pool Pros - they're a family-owned business. We built our pool with them and have had zero issues. Love that they not only build but repair if we ever have issues down the road. They will be on it. We have continued to use their monthly”

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